Terms and Conditions
  • Eligibility for the Member: – General Membership shall be provided by working committee to the person who applied for membership after paying JPY. Renewal fee shall be JPY. General Membership should be renewed at the end of the period.
  • Honorable Member: – Sri Lankan, Japanese nationalities having special feature can be honored as Honorable Member by the General Meeting.
  • Members should be either registered automobile dealers in Japan with a presence in Japan and Sri Lanka.
  • Member should have proven experience in the used car export business.
  • Should carry high personnel integrity, and credibility.
  • Members who has convicted by Japanese law enforcement authority for any criminal offences can apply for the membership however the eligibility will be deemed decided by the committee with dully signed by the Chairman or vice Chairman.
  • All types of Membership shall be provided by the decision of working committee after receiving prescribed application form. If working committee rejects any application for membership, the reason of rejection of membership shall be notified to the applicant.
  • All members should follow the provisions under the constitution and should abide by the Civil law in Japan. No member will entitle for special privilege being a member of the Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association in Japan.
  • No member will treat in adequately due to any physical disability, color or race. Any dispute will resolve at the committee level. Any grievances should address to the Chairman through the Secretary of the Association.
  • Participate in local and international development of trade through discuss and interactions among the membership and others.
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