SLAEAJ held their first official meeting for the year 2013.

SLAEAJ held their first official meeting for the year 2013, on 4th February 2013. This meeting was in parallel to the 65th Independence Day ceremony which was held at the Kotani Hall in Reiyukai. The session started off by summarizing the activities of the previous year by the secretary of SLAEAJ which was followed by the welcome speech by the SLAEAJ president and the speech delivered by the SLAEAJ treasurer.


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The key points put on the discussion table were the business promotion activities targeting to promote automobile industry. It was planned to have a workshop series to promote these business activities. As the next focus they discussed to publish a shared location in the SLAEAJ web site to share information regarding scammers to avoid frauds among SLAEAJ members. An important emphasis was given to the Sri Lankan festival 2013 and the SLAEAJ cricket tournament going to be held, among the other matters discussed. The meeting adjourned after the vote of thanks by the president of SLAEAJ.


SLAEAJ members also participated to the 65th Independence Day ceremony.

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