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15th Sri Lanka Festival in Japan 2019
[04 August, 2019]

15th Sri Lanka Festival in Japan 201915th Sri Lanka Festival 2019 was celebrated at Yoyogi Park outdoor stage, Shibuya, Tokyo on 3rd & 4th August 2019.
The event was a hit again with its charm and amusement. Electrifying performances and cultural events were carried out making the environment ecstatic.

SLAAJ was amongst the main organizers of this event adding more spark to the event and making it special where all Japanese and Sri Lankan communities come together to celebrate the festival.

SLAAJ Raffle draw was the highlight of the event with Brand New Suzuki Every as the Prize for the lucky person.

The Raffle draw brand new Suzuki Every Car won by Mr. Mohamed Ansar Abdul Azeez, President of Minami Lanka International Co. Ltd, Nagoya and he is also the SLAAJ Vice President of Nagoya region. He showed a big heart and withdraw his prize and decide on stage to give this chance to others. All members of SLAAJ, SLBCJ, SLAJ appreciated the decision taken by Mr. Ansar to give chance to others on SLAAJ Line business group.

Mr. Ansar also sent thanks message on SLAAJ Line group "Thank you very much everyone... for your kind words .. It's an unbelievable happening. Almighty God gave us a chance to show that we are more special than others, SLAAJ members are Amazing I proud to work with you all ...."

In the second round of Raffle draw a young girl from Sri Lanka living in Japan was the lucky winner of the draw and was given the key of the car by SLAAJ representatives.

A similar case happened in the Sri Lanka Festival 2008 and that time winner was Mrs. Samantha Ramanayake (Director, RamaDBK Ltd.) and she generously pooled back again for a re-draw and this was appreciated by the crowd with loud applause.

Sri Lanka Festival came to an end leaving behind the unforgettable memories and a very successful event once again as team efforts.