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SLAEAJ meeting was held at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan.
[30 October, 2012]

SLAEAJ meeting was held at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan.This meeting was held mainly to discuss the SLAEAJ’s participation at Sri Lanka Festival 2012, it’s account and payments matters and the other matters such as the situation about the vehicles at Sri Lanka port, new vehicle related regulations, business opportunities in Myanmar, introduction about Malaysian market opportunities, allowing the membership for the vehicle related other utility services such as auctions, shipping liners, etc.

Following members were attended.

Mr. Jagath Ramanayake, President
Mr. Saman Priyankara
Mr. Anura Batuwatta
Mr. Jayantha Hettiarchchi
Mr. Lasantha Nandasiri
Mr. Samantha Perera
Mr. Cecil Perera
Mr. Jithendra Samarawicrama
Mr. M. Somasena, Coordinating Officer/ Counsellor (Commercial) of the Embassy

According to the agenda, minutes of the last meeting was presented at the meeting. Since there was no amendments, comments etc, these minutes were proposed as correct by Mr. Lasantha Nandasiri and seconded by Mr. Anura Batuwatta

At the outset, while welcoming all the participants at this inception meeting, Mr. Ramanayake thanked for the whole membership of the SLAEAJ on their untiring and professional efforts made at Sri Lanka Festival with the special thans to the Festival Committee headed by Mr. Lasantha Nandasiri. Also, Mr. Ramanayake said that though H. E the Ambassador could not attend at this meeting he has contacted personally Mr. Ramanayake and conveyed that H. E the Ambassador was pleased to see the good SLAEAJ’s promotion collectively done at Sri Lanka Festival.

Agenda items were continued. And while replying to the festival expenditure, the Treasurer presented the separate account statement among the participants with some clarifications as important and the budget was agreed by the members.

Also, during the meeting one visa issue from the Japanese Embassy in Colombo, faced by Mr. Samantha Perera on his one new empyoyee was raised and it was asked the SLAEAJ’s appropriate involvement. Mr. Ramanayake requested Mr. Samantha Perera to send SLAEAJ a request so that a possible intervention can be extended on the matter.

Also, it was suggested to request the government authorities in Sri Lanka to introduce some rules on the reshipment of uncleared vehicles at Colombo Port as number of members of the SLAEAJ are facing numerous issues.

Also, it was agreed to study about the market situation in Myanmar, to initiate a trust- type selling point/ system which will facilitate the sales of SLAEAJ’s members. Furthermore, it was agreed to effect a promotional and fact finding mission of SLAEAJ to Myanmar in the middle of January, 2013. Mr. Saman Priyankara and Mr. Jithendra Samarawickrama appointed on this matter and it was decided the period as 16th to 20th January, 2013. And, it was suggested that Mr. Somasena’s presence also at this delegation with the approval of H. E the Ambassador.

As the next agenda item, Mr. Saman Priyankara explained the members on the kind of exclusive market opportunity available in Malaysia under the import permit programme called “Boomipuththra”. Arround 2000 Japanese upmarket vehicles are being exported to Malaysia under this program and Mr. Saman Priyankara said his company has got kind of approval to export few vehicles. He further said that he is going soon to Malaysia with regard to this matter and said that it can be utilized this opportunity by the members of the SLAEAJ.

Also, as per the agenda item, the extension of the membership of the SLAEAJ to non Sri Lankans and other auto related trading establishments such as vehicle auctions and shipping lines etc, was proposed. Moreover, Mr. Ramanayake shared the information about a convenient and useful machine for scanning car engine that he bought in Myanmar, named “Code Scanner” at this meeting. A model scanner machine was passed among the members to look at and get an idea.

Mr. Ramanayake announced that for the first time our members will be invited at the JUMVEA annual meeting in Tokyo on the 05th December.

Finally the date for the 01ST AGM was decided as 05th of December, 2012. Also, it was decided to have secrete voting at this AGM, in order to elect the office bearers of the SLAEAJ for the next year 2013.

The meeting was adjourned around 6.00 pm followed by a Dinner at Roppongi Hills.