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SLAEAJ president has Invited by ITN for a discussion.
[18 January, 2013]

SLAEAJ president has Invited by ITN for a discussion.Interviewers of The Independent Television Network (ITN) in Sri Lanka visited Japan from 11th to 19th January 2013.

They intended to produce a documentary on the rise of East Asian countries namely Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore in the current world economy.

As they have already visited the other countries, while they were in Japan, they conducted interviews in the areas of business, communication, culture and mainly in development activities.

Mr. Jagath Ramanayake as head of the Sri Lanka Automobile Exporter’s Association in Japan also participated to the discussion conducted by visiting ITN staff in the Sri Lanka embassy at January 17th Thursday 2013.

During his statement, he explained the purpose of SLAEAJ association, rather making decisions in divided way this association will help to all vehicle exporters in Japan to make decision with unity and discuses the matters in the industry in more broaden way.

Further he explained the services provided through the association to the automobile exporters community in Japan in the past year. And he also described association has played major role between Sri Lankan government and the automobile exporters in Japan to solve the matters in the automobile industry.

He pointed out the value of social security and the work done by Sri Lankan government was not explained properly to the public. And some suggestions were given as well by him to the government about this matter.