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SLAEAJ held special workshop among their members
[03 June, 2013]

SLAEAJ held special workshop among their membersThe Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association held workshop meeting at the Sri Lanka Embassy premises in 2nd of June 2013. As their 3rd event for this year, it was held to share the best practices among the SLAEAJ members to handle the vehicle exporting business in a collaborative way and find out how SLAEAJ can support for matters would occur in their business.

Mr. Jagath Ramanayake has initiated the meeting while thanking to the organizing committee to the commitment they have made to organize this special workshop event. And he briefly reiterated the benefits as to associate with large and prestigious organizational connections in the vehicle trade, exchanging ideas among the members and working together as one organization where the advantages in the field to be genuinely shared. Finally, he handed over the chair to the committee members of the workshop, Mr. Azad Alwan the president of PARAGON AUTOMOBILE and Mr. Saman Priyankara the president of Sayuri International to conduct the workshop according to the agenda.

As the next item minutes of the last meeting presented by the Mr. Mohamed Ali the Secretary of SLAEAJ. Since there were no amendments, comments etc, these minutes were proposed as correct by Mr. Lasantha Nandasiri and seconded by Mr. Anura Batuwatta.

Presentations done by each presented SLAEAJ Members:

During the presentation, each company owner described their company business processes and strategies as well as a brief presentation about a specific market that they have been doing business recently and problems faced during the business and best practices they followed to avoid those barriers.

The important matters presented were related to Container Shipping and also to offer a hassle-free service to customers. The main highlight was, quoting us an all inclusive freight charge where the customer does not have the burden of paying extra shipping charges at their end. The other forwarding facilities too were very impressive.

After the presentations round of each members Q&A session was initiated and headed by Mr. M. Somasena the coordination officer of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Japan and stated about his pleasure of this kind of workshop and how it helps us to learn from one another so that we can grow as an organization, even while benefiting individual business, and finally to endow the benefit for the motherland.

During this special session external guest were invited to do their company presentation to express their economical aspects that could be benefited to each our exporters business.

SEO optimization strategies were presented at the presentation and the proactive practices need to be implemented with own web site to rank it properly in the google search results.

Finally chief guest of the occasion Admiral [Rtd.] Wasantha Karannagoda the Ambassador stated his regards to the Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association for the commitment has made to organize this special workshop that enrich with such impressive information to members of the association and he further stated this would be truly benefited to their own company to be planned in future circumstances.

Finally all members were moved to Mr. Somasena’s place to have special Sri Lankan type dinner served at home.