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Dr. Calum Wielashinha is a non-medical therapist with a well-known name all over the world.
[28 August, 2013]

Dr. Calum Wielashinha is a non-medical therapist with a well-known name all over the world.Dr. Calum is a person who was born and brought out supernatural power of the great nature, after having fully analyzed the perspectives, clear analyzes, various terrible illnesses of healing, the first basic treatment, then The doctor prescribed, in a specific district

It is only to prescribe medicinal herbs (herbs) and medicines.

From the beginning, Dr. Treatment with limited herbal remedies over and over again, this is a more effective medicine than Western medicine treatment.

This time, Dr. Calum Weierashinha, who we invited especially, will be present at the SLAEAJ store for 2 days at this festival, so please come on this occasion at any time.

This mysterious Dr. Calm Wheelsingha is a famous person who can eliminate the shadow of the death of life and give the super power of the miracle that was born in this world. This can prove what is really amazing from the heart in the public Zen,

A cure for healing that you can come to Japan from a remote place of Sri Lanka, just by touching the hands of the doctor 's hands at night and day, about 2 million cancer patients without mother' s protection It is said that it can not be activated, now it is maternal love

Enjoys joy and it has made the world know the effect of traditional treatment on the world.

Meet Dr. Kelum Weerasinghe at SLAEAJ stall at Sri Lankan Festival 2013.

Kalum Weerasinghe is renowned all over the world as a non-medicament healer. Kalum is endowed with super natural powers like clairvoyance for precise diagnosis and healing various chronic diseases.

After perfect diagnosis and initial cure, as a subsequent treatment, Kalum prescribes only local herbal medicines. He has proved and established over and over that herbal medicines are more effective than Western drugs.

Our special invitee Dr. Kalum Weerasingha will be in the SLAEAJ stall during two days of the festival. It will be possible to meet him any time at the stall.

This wonderful person Kalum Weerasingha, is known as a person who could give life by banishing the shadows of death and is born to this world as one with miraculous powers. It is indeed mind boggling to witness the crowds which come from all corners of Sri Lanka, unmindful of night and day, to obtain healing by the touch of his hands. Of these the numbers of patients who have so far been cured of Cancer are about 2000. Hundreds who could not achieve the blessed state of mothers have now been able to enjoy the joys of motherhood, thus showing the power and efficacy of traditional medicines to the whole world.

Please refer the Dr. Kalumweerasingha’s home page for more information