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SLAEAJ held their official meeting before the Sri Lankan Festival 2013.
[11 September, 2013]

SLAEAJ held their official meeting before the Sri Lankan Festival 2013.SLAEAJ members held their official meeting since they need to prepare for the forthcoming Sri Lankan Festival 2013 going to be held for the 10th consecutive time at Yoyogi Park, Tokyo on the 21st and 22nd September, 2013. They held the official meeting at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan on 10th September (Tuesday) at 16.30 PM onwards.

This time also SLAEAJ decided to plan a raffle ticket draw as they did in last year to promote the SLAEAJ association among Sri Lankans. The session started off by welcome speech made by SLAEAJ president, summarizing the activities of the SLAEAJ cricket festival 2013 which was held Edogawa river side cricket ground on 14th July 2013. As the next event of the agenda SLAEAJ secretary read the last meeting minutes.

According to the major discussion points SLAEAJ treasurer made the presentation regarding the account statement of the SLAEAJ cricket festival 2013.

They have made decisions regarding the payments of cricket items provided by Mr. Cecil Perera, Air Ticket and expenses for Mr. Asanka Gurusinghe bared by Mr. Jagath Ramanayake, Video service provided by cameramen and the Sri Lankan air line raffle ticket payment.

After the SLAEAJ Cricket Festival 2013 budget has been finalized meeting was moved to discuss the job allocation duties of Sri Lankan Festival 2013 since SLAEAJ has planned to do two events this time.

Mainly they discussed job allocation of raffle ticket event and the Dr. Kelum Weerasinghe’s stall. Ground plan of the festival was explained by Mr. Somasena and accordingly SLAEAJ members decided to make arrangements for their stall and the vehicle display.

As the next item of the agenda they welcomed representative of Vehicle Importers Association of Lanka (VIAL) who came from Sri Lanka for few days visit in Japan. And he pointed out recent rules changes and regulations are being processed currently between their association and the government parties. During his speech they also discussed the Sri Lankan delegations who willing to come in the month of October parallel to the Tokyo Motor Show 2013.

After these key business points activities they went for Nakameguro Ceylon Inn to have a taste of nice Sri Lankan dinner.