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SLAEAJ held their next meeting after the Sri Lankan Festival 2013.
[05 November, 2013]

SLAEAJ held their next meeting after the Sri Lankan Festival 2013.SLAEAJ managed to have their next meeting after the Sri Lankan Festival 2013 to discuss mainly the VIAL Delegation visit that is going to take place in November 2013. Vehicle Importers’ Association of Lanka (VIAL) has emerged as the leading vehicle importing body in Sri Lanka. The present membership stands over 280, catering to a large number of well recognized commercial entities, and to all classes of people in the country. VIAL membership comprises of corporate members, small and medium enterprises spread in most parts of the country.

Meeting was held 2nd November 2013 at 15.00 pm onwards at the Sri Lanka embassy. And the following members were participated for the meeting.

Mr. Jagath Ramanayake, President
Mr. Saman Priyankara
Mr. Anura Batuwatta
Mr. Umar Ali
Mr. Azad Alwan
Mr. Delshan Dabarera
Mr. Jithendra Samarawicrama
Mr. Yagi (Coordinating officer of RamaDBK Ltd.)
Mr. M. Somasena, Coordinating Officer/ Counsellor (Commercial) of the Embassy
Mr. Jayantha Bandara (from Sri Lanka Embassy)

As the main item in the agenda Mr. Yagi the coordinating officer of the event appointed by RamaDBK Ltd, described the program that was scheduled for the delegation visit. And they discussed changes and suggestions for arranging meeting conference with the delegation team and mostly considered to facilitate them with accommodations and transportations.

Then discussion was turned in to review the account statement of Sri Lankan Festival 2013 to finalize the raffle ticket account and the Dr. kelum’s account and finally they discussed the event outcomes due to the huge promotion was made during the raffle ticket draw. And the SLAEAJ president thanked to everybody who made dedicative contribution to make that event is an iconic event of the year.

As the next item, they have focused on the forth coming events specially the AGM and the Year End Party going to be celebrated with all Sri Lankan associations in Japan. Mr. Jagath Ramanayake presented the drafted ticket sample for the year end party and the members eventually discussed the arrangements of the ceremony

Finally SLAEAJ president announced the budget proposal that was handed over to the Minister of Economic development of Sri Lankan government Mr. Basil Rajapaksha. Eventually they discussed the current vehicle trade conditions in Sri Lanka parallel to Commonwealth Forum that is going to take place in Sri Lanka in November. And the strategies need to be followed as an association to face this sort of paradigms in the used vehicle industry.