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SLAEAJ delegation met USS Tokyo auction president today.
[29 May, 2014]

SLAEAJ delegation met USS Tokyo auction president today.SLAEAJ business meeting was held at USS Tokyo Auction Thursday, 29th, 2014 to strengthen the bilateral business relationship. The meeting was called by the USS Tokyo Auction president Mr. Masuda Motohiro at 11:00 a.m.

SLAEAJ president Mr. Jagath Ramanayake, Vice president Mr. Lasantha Nandasiri, Executive committee members Mr. Anura Batuwatta and Mr. Mohamed Azad Alwan participated at the meeting. Mr. Jagath Ramanayake was explained the promotion campaigns conducted by SLAEAJ over past years and the benefits and new possibilities they received as ROI.

Further he explained what actions SLAEAJ can do when it comes to serve the common interest of the automobile industry as well known rigid body in Japan as well as in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Masuda Motohiro the USS Tokyo Auction president was pointed out the concerns currently having due to the lack of understanding about the journey the SLAEAJ ahead. And he further explained their new venture provides the services of auctioning, land transport, inspection, customs clearance, warehousing, and shipping arrangements as a single package to the clients.

And this new outcome would greatly benefits the Sri Lankan businesses in automobile trade and it would increase the efficiency of the trading as well.