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SLAEAJ Meeting held on 06th October 2014.
[08 October, 2014]

SLAEAJ Meeting held on 06th October 2014.Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association held their committee members meeting at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan on 6th October 2014. The main purpose was to prepare for the next workshop event will be held in month of November. Meeting was started after welcome speech of Mr. Jagath Ramanayake the president of the SLAEAJ and he stated further in his speech how successful Sri Lanka Festival was. And further he made some suggestions regarding the event layout of the stalls to use them more proactively. After his speech, Mr. Premarathne has stated his speech and agree to change the layout preparation because, it could help to all stall owners to use their booth in a productive way.

As the next action item of the agenda, they started to discuss the account balances of the SLAEAJ cricket festival 2014 and the Shooting Game event of the Sri Lanka Festival 2014. They agreed to pay the necessary expenses of each organizing member during the event

Afterwards, they fixed the date for the SLAEAJ workshop as the 29th of November 2014. From this workshop event they want to share market knowledge, problems they faced during the business and strategies they followed to sort it out willing to be discussed.

And further they planned to invite some VIPs in automobile business industry to demonstrate their knowledge and best practices of the current business trends. Following invitees were nominated by Mr. Jagath Ramanayake, Mr. Lasantha Nandasiri, Mr. Saman Priyankara and Mr. Wiraj De Zoysa.

USS Auction president Tokyo – Mr. Masuda Motohiro was nominated by Mr. Jagath Ramanayake and Mr. Lasantha Nandasiri.

Shipping Line Specialist – from APL (American President Lines) was nominated by Mr. Wiraj De Zoysa.

Shipping Line Specialist – from APL (American President Lines) was nominated by Mr. Wiraj De Zoysa.

Seeking possibilities to buy leasing vehicles – Entrepreneur from leasing vehicle market of Japan – Nominated by Mr. Saman Priyankara.

Spare Parts Specialist – From U-Parts Company – Nominated by Mr. Jagath Ramanayake.

IT Web solutions – Mr. P.K Bansal from eximweb company.

Finally they decided to have a claim tracking section in the SLAEAJ web to circulate all claims coming to motor association. This feature could help to all members to get to know the details of the claims.

Further, they discussed to give approval for Japanese firm who was applied through Sri Lanka Embassy to join with the motor association.

And also they did not forget to discuss the arrangements of the Sri Lanka Year End Party that is going to be held 14th of December 2014.