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SLAEAJ held 2014 Workshop as second consecutive time.
[02 December, 2014]

SLAEAJ held 2014 Workshop as second consecutive time.The Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association held workshop meeting at the Sri Lanka Embassy premises in 29th of November 2014. As their final event for this year, it was held to share the best practices among the SLAEAJ members to handle the vehicle exporting business in a collaborative way and find out how SLAEAJ can support for matters would occur in their business.

According to the agenda Mr. Mohamed Ali the secretary of SLAEAJ was warmly welcomed all the participants. Further to that on behalf of the Sri Lanka Embassy of Japan Mr. Premarathne had delivered his speech and emphasize how important this sort of educational program to reveal the current milestones in the vehicle exporting industry and how to faced as unity other than the dividend individual manner.

After Mr. Premarathne’s speech each SLAEAJ members had presented their presentations according to the following order. During their speech sessions they had presented very severe problems they have undergone throughout the last year including some Sri Lankan bankers’ LC compliances and discrepancies are being made during the submission, Spare Parts permits issued by the Sri Lankan government and low cost container vanning solutions implemented by ADC Company.

As of the agenda every member of SLAEAJ started to present their presentations as follows.

Further to the session one after the tea break they moved to the session two, it began after the introduction speech delivered by Mr. Jagath Ramanayake the president of SLAEAJ and he explained special activities they have done through the association with the help of all the well wishers.

Special educational presentations were presented especially in fields of spare parts, shipping, vehicle inspections and automobile insurance.

Finally chief guest of the occasion Admiral [Rtd.] Wasantha Karannagoda the Ambassador stated his regards to the Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association for the commitment has made to organize this special workshop as the second consecutive time, that enrich with such impressive information to members of the association and he further stated this would be truly benefited to their own company and their activities to be planned in near future.

Treasurer of the Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association Mr. Saman Priyankara was delivered his vote of thanks speech to appreciate all the members’ commitment to make this year event a success.