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SLAEAJ 3rd AGM was held at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan.
[16 December, 2014]

SLAEAJ 3rd AGM was held at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan.SLAEAJ third AGM started while delivering meeting minutes of 2nd AGM last year by Mr. Mohamed Ali secretary of SLAEAJ. During his speech he did not forget to welcome all SLAEAJ members who attend to the third consecutive annual general meeting. Afterwards, Mr. Jagath Ramanayake the president of SLAEAJ took apart and explained the activities carried out during the year 2013/2014 especially he pointed out the dedication of event incharge members were made during the time of planning and organizing the Nagoya and Oyama meetings, Cricket Festival 2014, Sri Lanka Festival Booth 2014 and SLAEAJ workshop event 2014. During his speech he conveyed his gratitude to newly joined SLAEAJ members Mr. Buddhika from US – Spare Parts & Mr. Nishantha Ganege from Nishico Japan Co. Ltd.

As next action item, Mr. Saman Priyankara the treasurer of SLAEAJ submitted the account statement of last year budget of SLAEAJ. Further to that, he explained about automate membership deduction possess that is going to be activated next year onwards and how convenient that would be to collect the membership fee in cost effective way.

They had moved to the annual election which was prepared by embassy specially Mr. Premarathne as the coordinating officer of the Sri Lanka Embassy. Further, he explained all the rules and regulations of the election according to the constitution of the SLAEAJ and new amendments need to be done due to proposed new positions. All members made their votes under the observation of Mr. Premarathne and appointed all the office bearers for year 2015 as follows.

Appointed Office Bearers of Year 2015.
Mr. Jagath Ramanayake (President of SLAEAJ)
Mr. Mohamed Ali (Executive Secretary of SLAEAJ)
Mr. Umar Ali (Vice Secretary of SLAEAJ)
Mr. Saman Priyankara (Treasurer of SLAEAJ)
Mr. Lasantha Nandasiri (Vice Treasurer of SLAEAJ)
Mr. Wasantha Ekanayake (Vice President (Tokyo))
Mr. Hamed Ramzan (Vice President (Yokohama))
Mr. Nishantha Meegalla (Vice President (Nagoya))
Mr. Anura Battuwatta (Vice President (Ibaraki))
Mr. Azad Alwan (Vice President (Chiba))
Mr. Nishantha Ganege (Vice President (Tochigi))
Mr. Chinthaka Jayasinghe (Vice President (Welfare))
Mr. Jithendra Samarawickrama (Vice President (Entertainment))

Dr. Sarj Mendis as the representative on behalf of H.E ambassador was made his speech and pointed out how valuable this kind of gatherings and this unity will help to develop the Sri Lankan brand in world wide. Further he emphasized this sort of general paradigms will open doors to have general solutions for problems in the automobile industry. Further to that he explained how important it would be to make the productivity double to be a global player in the world.

As the next item, newly appointed office bearers made their thanking speeches and conveyed their gratitude to all the attendees. And they expected the tremendous support they had during the past year to do the planning and organizing work of each event of SLAEAJ.

Further to that they discussed the next year plan and achievements need to be done comparatively to last year and new industrial business interactions to be built in the fields of shipping and motor vehicle inspection to raise the funds in the SLAEAJ as well as to increase the recognition of SLAEAJ members to meet the top level people in automobile industry.

Finally Mr. Premarathne on behalf of the Sri Lanka Embassy he conveyed his gratitude to all SLAEAJ members and especially for the newly appointed office bearers. And he thanked them for the support they have extended so far for the Sri Lanka Embassy as the Sri Lanka community residing in Japan.

At last all members participated to the Sri Lanka Year End Party which was scheduled at Shibuya