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SLAEAJ members meeting due to Tax revision.
[18 February, 2015]

SLAEAJ members meeting due to Tax revision.Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters’ Association had called an urgent meeting on 7th February 2015, due to the Tax revision made after the interim budget 2015 proposed by the new Sri Lankan government. New duty incensement was badly affected for vehicle exporters in Japan as the importers in Sri Lanka. Vehicle Importers Association of Sri Lanka and the Vehicle Importers Association of Lanka had made their appeals to the government and pointed out this would drastically decrease the momentum of importing hybrid vehicle in to the country and the prices of vehicles below 1000cc would come down only by Rs. 25,000 in the wake of the 15% tax reduction announced from the interim budget while all hybrid cars would go up by as much as Rupees one million.

In a very similar situation, when the taxes were increased in 2012, based on an appeal made by SLAEAJ, approval was granted to apply the previous tax regime once the purchase date of the vehicles checked and certified by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan, as a date before the new tax regime.

In the meeting they discussed further how the current condition could affect to exporting industry. Further our members discussed the excess duty charges were made under the interim budget 2015. They managed to collect all supporting letters prepared for very similar situation earlier in 2012. With all the suggestions and the instruction given by the Sri Lanka embassy in Japan they managed to prepare two letters to all the authorities.