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Re-Export of Used Vehicles from Sri Lanka – Idea Proposed by SLAEAJ through Athulanthaya on ITN Channel.
[13 October, 2015]

Re-Export of Used Vehicles from Sri Lanka – Idea Proposed by SLAEAJ through Athulanthaya on ITN Channel.This idea was initially proposed by President of SLAEAJ Mr. Jagath Ramanayake invited for and TV interview conducted by ITN channel in Sri Lanka the program called Athulanthaya dated 17th of October 2013. This discussion was mainly focused on immersing opportunities through the Common Wealth Business Forum. Further he stated how to tackle the challenges of maintaining open markets of used motor vehicle industry and how valuable this sort of re-export may benefit to our country economy with the following benefits.

The benefits of Re-exporting cars from Sri Lanka

Reducing the or control vehicle numbers on the roads
Reduce air pollution by very high rates
Create jobs ( For re-conditioning and repairing work )
Scale of Sri Lanka products (tires / Batteries & others)
Income of foreign exchange.
Sri Lankan exporters in Japan will be able to increase their business and will result high income for the country.

As Re-export of used vehicles to Africa and other markets. With the help of SLAEAJ members who are currently exporting to several countries could help the Sri Lankan motor vehicle export economy. For such an export market to develop, a feasible research needs to be conducted on the used vehicles in the local market. For local vehicles to compete in the export market the C&F prices need to be competitive than Japanese auction prices. An instrumental tool needs to be developed to determine the FOB price of a local vehicle which could be equal or lesser to Japanese auction price, and hence the remaining value of the price difference could be refunded to the owner through an issuance of tax-waiver permit.

Given the importance of our Association on the above context, the SLAEAJ handed over a proposal to honorable Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe who came to Japan for delegation visit.