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SLAEAJ held official meeting to discuss the Australia Vehicle Market.
[02 February, 2016]

SLAEAJ held official meeting to discuss the Australia Vehicle Market.SLAEAJ held their first official meeting for the year 2016, on 31st January 2016. The session started off by the welcome speech of the SLAEAJ president Mr. Jagath Ramanayake. He warmly welcomed the ambassador Prof. Ganganath Disanayake of the Sri Lankan Embassy. He further continued his introduction speech emphasizing the work and commitment done by SLAEAJ through past years while engaging with Sri Lanka Embassy. After his introduction all SLAEAJ members were introduced themselves as well.

The speech made by guest of honor and the ambassador Prof. Ganganath Dissanayake was pointed out how unity was established through an association like SLAEAJ could benefit to members as well as the economy of Sri Lanka. And the vast domain that they can spread out their business in all over the world.

Afterwards, Vice secretary of the SLAEAJ Mr. Umar Ali was made his speech while warmly welcoming ambassador. Further in his speech he described the year plan of the SLAEAJ and what are the main activities will be taken place near future.

Then they turned to main theme of the meeting is the business promotion activities targeting to promote automobile business inside the Australian auction system. Whole Australian compliance system was presented by the Australian Compliance agent Mr. Sam Manadeniya who is serving in the automobile compliance business in Australia over decades. Mainly their discussion was focused upon the business activities can implement in parallel to the Australian Auction System.

Among the other matters discussed at the meeting, members were focused to organize auction visit and have a wide meeting upon the ongoing business with leading auction authorities in the local market.