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SLAEAJ held a meeting regarding the Australia Business.
[28 April, 2016]

SLAEAJ held a meeting regarding the Australia Business.SLAEAJ managed to have their meeting regarding Australia business they are going to initiate as the next project plan. Meeting was held 27th of April 2016 at 18.00 pm onwards at the RamaDBK Company. Mainly they planned upon all the feasibility initiatives they have to be taken place prior to the business in Australia. And also the Australia domestic partner Mr. Sam Manadeniya also joined with the ongoing meeting over the skype. And he started to explain all the feasibility work has to be done at the side of Australian government compliance system.

As the main item in the agenda they planned to figure out all the barriers to be faced during the whole business model. As the key points they paid their attention to find out legal obligations to register a company in Australia and develop an IT system to reflect the business model in an effective way. Also they received some potential advises from IT specialist Mr. Bansal who is a lifetime member of SLAEAJ. Further to that, they took in to the account about the domestic transportation and auction fees that can be avoidable if they followed the best possible business routes. Because of the QA session they had with Mr. Sam Manadeniya they could able to make clear so many questions they had about the Australian Business.

Meanwhile, they discussed about the donation payments collected from the SLAEAJ members and considered some way to distribute them among local volunteer services of affected areas in Kumamoto prefecture.

After the meeting all SLAEAJ and SLBCJ members went to participate to the dinner hosted at Mr. Ramanayake’s residence. H.E the ambassador prof. Ganganath Dissanayake and the counselor commercial of the embassy Mr. D.D Premarathne also participated to the dinner as special guests

And all participants congratulated to Mr. Jagath Ramanayake the president of SLAEAJ, to his 50th birthday celebration commemoration.