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SLAEAJ held 2016 Workshop as fourth consecutive time.
[25 July, 2016]

SLAEAJ held 2016 Workshop as fourth consecutive time.The Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association held workshop meeting as the fourth consecutive time at the Hotel TKP Garden City Shinagawa on 24th of July 2016. It was held to share the best practices among the SLAEAJ members to handle the vehicle exporting business in a collaborative way and find out how SLAEAJ can support for matters would occur in their business.

According to the agenda Mr. Mohamed Ali the secretary of SLAEAJ was warmly welcomed all the participants. And also Mr. Premarathne the counselor commercial of Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan delivered his speech and pointed out the importance of the this type of education programs.

After the warm welcome from secretary of SLAEAJ each SLAEAJ members had presented their presentations introduced their company business to others including the services they can provide to help other members in automobile business under the current economic conditions.

This time they specially focused on the Australian auction business that they are trying to strategies. For that Mr. Sam Manadeniya who came from Australia had presented current status of the undergoing process and the Australian government compliances.

During the second session of the event, On behalf of the Sri Lanka Embassy of Japan His Excellency Prof. Dammika Ganganath Dissanayake delivered his speech and emphasize how important this sort of educational program to reveal the current milestones in the vehicle exporting industry and how to faced with unity other than in scattered way.

This time also SLAEAJ managed to invite the industrial specialties from the following companies. Industrial specialists are enriched the event with such impressive information to members of the association and that would be truly benefited to their own company and their activities to be planned in near future.

Treasurer of the Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association Mr. Saman Priyankara was delivered his vote of thanks speech to appreciate all the members for their commitments to make this year event a success.

After that they enjoyed the dinner arranged at the hotel.