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Fifth AGM was successfully completed at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan.
[07 December, 2016]

Fifth AGM was successfully completed at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan.We proudly announced that our fifth annual general meeting was held successfully at Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan. New office bearers were appointed accordingly after an official poll was organized by Mr. Premarathna.

AGM was started with the brief welcome speech was made by Mr. Ali the secretary of SLAEAJ. Afterwards, SLAEAJ president Mr. Jagath Ramanayake was presented the activities carried out by the SLAEAJ during the year 2015/2016. Presentation was focused on all major activities done by SLAEJ during the year such as Cricket Festival 2016 and Workshop Event 2016 at TKP Garden City hotel.

After the presentation the treasure of SLAEAJ Mr. Saman Priyankara submitted the audited accounts and described the importance of sustaining funds acquired through membership fees of our respect members. As the next item, they had moved to the annual election which was prepared by embassy especially Mr. Premarathne as the coordinating officer of the Sri Lanka Embassy. He explained all the rules and regulations of the election according to the constitution of the SLAEAJ.

Presented members made their votes under the observation of election referee Prof. H. D. Karunarathne and appointed all the office bearers for year 2017 as follows.

Appointed Office Bearers of Year 2017.

Mr. Jagath Ramanayake (President of SLAEAJ)
Mr. Lasantha Nandasiri (Vice President of SLAEAJ)
Mr. Mohamed Ali (Executive Secretary)
Mr. Nishantha Meegalla (Vice Secretary of SLAEAJ)
Mr. Saman Priyankara (Treasurer of SLAEAJ)
Mr. Wiraj De Zoyza (Vice treasurer of SLAEAJ)

Just after appointing all the office bearers SLAEAJ members managed to appoint in charge person for each area in Japan. And also they proposed another 2 position for Vice president Fukoka and vice president Osaka.

Mr. Wasantha Ekanayake (Vice President of Tokyo)
Mr. Ramzan (Vice President of Yokohama)
Mr. Anura Batuwatta (Vice President of Ibaraki)
Mr. Azad Alwan (Vice President of Chiba)
Mr. Ansar (Vice President of Nagoya)
Mr. Jayantha Hettiarachi (Vice President of Tochigi)
Mr. Bhatiya Weerasekara (Vice President of Osaka)
Mr. Dinesh Vitanage (Vice President of Fukoaka)
Mr. Mr. Chintaka Jayasinghe (Vice President of Welfare)
Mr. Jithendra Samarawickrama (Vice President of Entertainment)

H.E ambassador Prof. Ganganath Dissanayake was made his speech and pointed out how valuable this kind of gatherings and this unity will help to develop the Sri Lankan brand in world wide. Further he emphasized this sort of general paradigms will open doors to have general solutions for problems in the automobile industry.

After his speech, all new office bearers made their vote of thanks for compliments that all the members done in last year and they convinced continuous support in this coming year 2017 as well.

And all the members moved to discuss the milestones they should achieve in this coming year especially they focused on new Australian Company established as Samurai Motor Group at the meeting.

Mr. Sam Manadeniya who joined with AGM online from Australia, and explained the accounts of the company established in this year to our members. His explanation on current status of the Samurai Motor Group Company helped to our members to clear the future vision.

After the AGM all members were moved to Year End Party organized by SLBCJ and SLAEAJ at Live Restaurant Aoyama.