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SLAEAJ first official meeting held at the embassy.
[27 February, 2017]

SLAEAJ first official meeting held at the embassy.SLAEAJ members held their first official meeting in the year 2017, since they need to prepare for the forthcoming system implementation for the Australia business. They held the official meeting at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan on 26th February (Sunday) at 2.00 PM onwards.

The meeting started from welcome speech made by secretary of SLAEAJ Mr. Mohamed Ali, summarizing the activities of the agenda. As the next event of the agenda SLAEAJ secretary read the last meeting minutes of the AGM.

Then president of SLAEAJ Mr. Jagath Ramanayake started the discussion of the 2017 event plan of SLAEAJ. In the discussion he especially talked about the Australia visit that need to be planed after the establishment of new partner company in Australia. Moreover they discussed about other events such as membership drive Tochigi, SLAEAJ workshop, SLAEAJ Cricket tournament and Sri Lanka Festival event.

And Mr. Sam Manadeniya SLAEAJ Australian business partner who joined with the meeting online to discuss the current situation of the Samurai Motor Group Company owned by SLAEAJ. And more, he explained about the proposed system by Mr. Bansal and how that will benefit to the proposed Australia business model.

Mr. P. K. Bansal (CEO) Exim Infotek Pvt. Ltd conducted a prototype presentation about the proposed system for Samurai Motor Group Company. There he mentioned about the new layout of the Home page and the prioritized system features of the internal management system.

The ambassador H. E. Prof. Ganganath Dissanayake made a brief speech about the proposed event plan in year 2017. Furthermore, he mentioned some suggestions to the event plan to make it more attractive the Sri Lankan Community domiciled in Japan. He also pointed out that will significantly benefit to our Sri Lanka economy.

Finally Mr. Saman Priyankara the Treasurer of the SLAEAJ made a brief thank you speech while appreciating the effort and the corporation made to the Australia Business activity

After these key business points activities they went for Nakameguro Ceylon Inn to have a taste of nice Sri Lankan dinner.