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Wandesh Lanka Co., Ltd.  Since 2015

1360 Morokawa, Furukawa-shi, Ibaraki-ken,, Koga - 306-0126, Ibaraki, Japan
+81-28-033-3500, +81-12-084-6101
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Contact Person [Position]Mr. Udesh Wanigasorya [CEO]
Mr. Udesh Wanigasorya Telephone+81-12-084-6101


» Membership ID  :  SAEJ - 059
» Office Timing  :  9:00 AM - 07:00 PM
» Holiday  :  Wednesday
» Year Established  :  2015
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Wandesh Lanka Co., Ltd. Our used cars are purchased from national auctions and maintained at our own factories, so it is possible to achieve lower prices than other companies.
In addition, we will support your car life in total such as vehicle inspection, oil change, puncture repair . We also offer purchase and car rental services, so please contact us once before using. In addition, we also handle agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, mowers, etc., and we are working hard every day to meet the needs of various customers. Thank you for your cooperation.