Ambassador of Sri Lanka

To the Sri Lanka Automobile Association in Japan (SLAAJ)

Prof. Ganganath Dissanayake
Mr. Sanjiv GunasekaraSri Lanka Ambassador in Japan
The SLAAJ formally established its existence in 2012 and continue to support its membership to foster the business relationship between Japan and Sri Lanka. On behalf of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Japan, I take this opportunity to say a word of congratulation apart from expressing the most sincere greetings to SLAAJ and its membership who has been instrumental in not only business development but also enriching the other areas of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.
The SLAAJ members have organized themselves well and recognized by others for their unique characteristics.
They readily embrace and overcome hardships and difficulties. They are also willing to explore new areas in search of progress and success. No matter which part of the world they are in SLAAJ works hard and their endeavors are respected.
It is encourage and expected that SLAAJ, will function in conformity with the objectives of its establishment and operate with sound business ethos. It is my sincere hope that the SLAAJ would work in collaboration with similar Sri Lankan and other organizations and this Mission to further enhance the relationship with Japan.
I wish SLAAJ success in its future endeavors.